Conair GMT288GB Review

The Conair GMT288GB is an all-in-one trimmer that comes with a selection of cutting guides, making it easy to trim your facial hair just how you like it. This is a cordless model powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and has dual cutting blades in order to provide a closer and more precise cut. Whilst it puts in a reasonable performance, there are a few issues with this trimmer which we’ll look at in this review.

Firstly let’s have a look at what we get in the box. Alongside the trimmer itself you get a power lead, six cutting guides, a nose/ear attachment, a detailing blade, an adjustable comb, some lubricating oil, and a bag to store it all. So whatever your grooming routine pretty much everything you need is included, although it would have been nice to have a charging cradle rather than just a basic cord.


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The main unit has a nice weight to it, and looks quite slick with it’s chrome finish. It’s comfortable to hold as well thanks to its soft touch grips on either side, although the fact that they are plastic means it can slip about a bit if your hands are wet. Whilst the included attachments get the job done, they feel like they’re made of quite cheap plastic and don’t fit as snugly as you’d expect on the cutting head, although that doesn’t seem to affect performance.

One of the main selling points of the Conair GMT288GB is the fact that it has got two cutting blades, the idea being that you get twice the cutting power and no hairs avoid getting the chop. In practice it works – giving a nice close cut, however the second blade adds a considerable amount of bulk, which obscures your view a little and makes it difficult to see properly, especially when detailing. Luckily you can remove the second blade which makes life easier for precise grooming, although the guides only fit properly when both blades are attached.


The built-in lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power, and gives around an hours operation from a full charge. Charging the battery from flat doesn’t take too long either, although as we mentioned before the fact that there is no charging cradle is a bit of a pain – it would be much nicer if you could just drop it into the charger after each use rather than having to clutter up the bathroom counter.

Overall then, the Conair GMT288GB offers a complete grooming package at a low price, but is not without its problems. If you have quite straightforward facial hair then the double blade system will make your trimming quicker and smoother, but for more detailed grooming it can be something of a hindrance. It’s certainly not a bad trimmer, but there are more capable models available for a similar price.

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